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Dibenese Homeopathy

Ubat Homeopathy Diabene adalah salah satu ubat yang mustajab bagi merawat kes-kes kencing manis. Ubat hendaklah dimakan 2 hingga 3 bulan untuk melihat perkembangannya.

Bell Palsy Semnbuh Dalam Tempuh 2 bulan

Pasir Mas:

Dengan menggunakan kaedah perubatan intergrasi iaitu menggunakan ubat-ubat homeopati serta membuat terapi akupunktur. Bell Palsy Mak Chik Mariam 45 tahun dapat dirawat dan sembuh dalam tempuh 2 bulan.

Remedi yang selalu diberi ialah: Caucticum, Rhus Tox dan Arnica Montana.

Titik Acu yang diberi: Li 4 LI 11, Sp 6 dan Ashi Points.

Thyroid & Acupuncture Treatment

With regards to Thyroid patching please be very clear whether it is Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid (Hashimoto)

If it is Hyperthyroid use only Icewave, if it is Hypothyroid use only Energy.

Thyroid Protocol5 Day Detox ( 15 days, and if need be up to 20 days)Hyperthyroid - Glutathione alternate daily on GV16 and CV 22. Icewaveon Small Intestine 16 (SI16) and on Kidney 3(K3).Hypothyroid - Glutathione alternate daily on GV 16 and CV 22. Energyon Small Intestine 16 (SI16) and Kidney 3 (K3)Reported cases of very good results from above patching after about 60 days.

Thyroid and Gondol Boleh dirawat secara homeopati dan akupunktur. Beri masa antara 3 hingga 6 bulan untuk lihat perkembangannya.
Bukan senang untuk merawat tiroid. Namun anda masih mempunyai harapan untuk merawat cara homeopati.

Laman baru kami

Monday, December 14, 2009

Less Sleep and heart Attack Course Dealth

Dr Nik Omar and Dr Nik Aziz at A Seminar organized by Malaysian Medical Association, MMA at Kuala Lumpur.

Subject: Sleep and Heart Attacks

What killed Ranjan Das and Lessons for Corporate India

A month ago, many of us heard about the sad demise of Ranjan Das from Bandra, Mumbai. Ranjan, just 42 years of age, was the CEO of SAP-Indian Subcontinent, the youngest CEO of an MNC in India. He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner. It was common to see him run on Bandra's Carter Road. Just after Diwali, on 21st Oct, he returned home from his gym after a workout, collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. He is survived by his wife and two very young kids.

It was certainly a wake-up call for corporate India. However, it was even more disastrous for runners amongst us. Since Ranjan was an avid marathoner (in Feb 09, he ran Chennai Marathon at the same time some of us were running Pondicherry Marathon 180 km away), the question came as to why an exceptionally active, athletic person succumb to heart attack at 42 years of age.

Was it the stress?
A couple of you called me asking about the reasons. While Ranjan had mentioned that he faced a lot of stress, that is a common element in most of our lives. We used to think that by being fit, one can conquer the bad effects of stress. So I doubted if the cause was stress.

The Real Reason
However, everyone missed out a small line in the reports that Ranjan used to make do with 4-5 hours of sleep. This is an earlier interview of Ranjan on NDTV in the program 'Boss' Day Out':
Here he himself admits that he would love to get more sleep (and that he was not proud of his ability to manage without sleep, contrary to what others extolled).

The Evidence
Last week, I was working with a well-known cardiologist on the subject of ‘Heart Disease caused by Lack of Sleep’. While I cannot share the video nor the slides because of confidentiality reasons, I have distilled the key points below in the hope it will save some of our lives.

Some Excerpts:

· Short sleep duration (<5 or 5-6 hours) increased risk for high BP by 350% to 500% compared to those who slept longer than 6 hours per night. Paper published in 2009.
As you know, high BP kills.

· Young people (25-49 years of age) are twice as likely to get high BP if they sleep less. Paper published in 2006.

· Individuals who slept less than 5 hours a night had a 3-fold increased risk of heart attacks. Paper published in 1999.

· Complete and partial lack of sleep increased the blood concentrations of High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-cRP), the strongest predictor of heart attacks. Even after getting adequate sleep later, the levels stayed high!!

· Just one night of sleep loss increases very toxic substances in body such as Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Tumour Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-alpha) and C-reactive protein (cRP). They increase risks of many medical conditions, including cancer, arthritis andheart disease. Paper published in 2004.

· Sleeping for <=5 hours per night leads to 39% increase in heart disease. Sleeping for <=6 hours per night leads to 18% increase in heart disease. Paper published in 2006.

Ideal Sleep
For lack of space, I cannot explain here the ideal sleep architecture. But in brief, sleep is composed of two stages: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM. The former helps in mental consolidation while the latter helps in physical repair and rebuilding. During the night, you alternate between REM and non-REM stages 4-5 times.

The earlier part of sleep is mostly non-REM. During that period, your pituitary gland releases growth hormones that repair your body. The latter part of sleep is more and more REM type.

For you to be mentally alert during the day, the latter part of sleep is more important. No wonder when you wake up with an alarm clock after 5-6 hours of sleep, you are mentally irritable throughout the day (lack of REM sleep). And if you have slept for less than 5 hours, your body is in a complete physical mess (lack of non-REM sleep), you are tired throughout the day, moving like a zombie and your immunity is way down (I’ve been there, done that L)

Finally, as long-distance runners, you need an hour of extra sleep to repair the running related damage.

From Dr Surjit Singh Makker, India

Dr Nik Omar, a prominent Homeopath in Malaysia

Dear Sir Nik Omar,I am H/Dr Sajjad Anwar from Pakistan.I am interested in a Job related with Homeopathy in Malaysia.Your Homeopathic work in Malaysia is so impressive thatswhy i sending my C.V,picture attached here to you for hope that you can help me finding job in Malaysia.
Thanks.Sincerely,H/Dr Sajjad Anwar.

Homeopathic Medical Centre in Malaysia at Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, kelantan.

This Alternative Health Medical Centre remain the biggest in Malaysia with the compound of 11.5 acres. The founder of this Homeopathic & acupuncture medical Centre is Prof Dr Nik Omar.

First founded br Dr Nik Omar in Febuary 1977 at Kota Bharu

In 1981 Shifted to Kg Chichal Kubang Kerian, kelantan

In 2000 shifted to this permanent campus at 122 Taman Universiti, kg Gelang Mas, Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas, kelantan

Some Diseases Responded With Intergrated Medicine

Diseases Responded with Homeopathy and Acupuncture treatment.

Among them: Bell Palsy, Stroke, Migrine, parkinson, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, austism, scitica, lumbago, tennnis syndrome, arthritis, brain tumor, endometrosis, irregular period, etc.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rawatan Mengunakan Ayat-Ayat Suci Al Quran

Al-Quran adalah Sebuah Kitab Suci yang datang dari Allah swt. Ia mangandungi seribu satu khasiat yang berguna untuk manusia. Didalam Al quran mengandungi semua ilmu dunia dan akhirat, ilmu sains, ilmu falak, ilmu alam, sejarah, cerita-cerita Nabi. AlQuran mencerita dengan jelas bagaimana manusia itu dijadikan dari setitis air ( air mani) dan bagaimana alam ini berputar.

Jelas siapa yang mempercayainya ia akan mendapat manafat, siapa menengkarinya akan mendapat kerugian.

Dalam aspek Perubatan:
Jika anda mempunyai sebarang pernyakit yang tidak mahu disembuh-sembuh. Bacalah ayat Bismillahirahamannirahhim sebayak 101 dan dibaca pada air didalam mangkok putih , dipasangkan niat, dan mohonlah dari Allah swt , InsyaAllah akan sembuh penyakit itu.

Dari Kita : Pati Rahsia Karangan Dato Perdana
Menteri Besar Kelantan yang pertama.

Naturopathy Rawatan Semulajadi



In naturopathy, emphasis is placed on the intrinsic ability of the body to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathy uses natural remedies like herbs and foods rather than surgery and harmful drugs. Naturopathic Medicine/Naturopathy is a school of medical philosophy and practice that seeks to improve health and treat disease chiefly by assisting the body's innate capacity to recover from illness and injury. Naturopathic practice may include a wide range of various modalities including Manual Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Herbalism, Acupuncture, Counseling, Environmental Medicine, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy, and so on.

Naturopathy treatment has its origins in India along with Ayurveda, but is today practiced in many countries around the world in one form or another, where it is subject to different standards of regulation and levels of acceptance. Our highly qualified Naturopathic practitioners prefer not to use invasive surgery or most synthetic drugs, preferring "natural" remedies, for instance, relatively unprocessed or whole medications such as herbs and foods. Diagnostic tests such as imaging and blood tests are done before deciding upon the full course of treatment. Our Naturopathic practitioners also use prescription medications and surgery when necessary and refer with other medical practitioners, when needed.

Naturopati adalah satu sistem perubatan semulajadi. Kaedah rawatanya berasaskan makanan, buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran yang dimakan segar. Ubat-ubat yang diberi berdasarkan bahan-bahan dari flora dan fauna dan pokok-pokok yang mempunyai nilai perubatan yang tinggi. Di Malaysia perubatan ini belum popular tetapi amat popular dinegara-negara barat.

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Brittle Nail & Homeopathy Treatment

Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are nails which split and break easily. Nails can be dry and brittle or soft and brittle. There are ways to fight brittle nails and get well on your way to good fingernail health. Brittle nails is a common problem.

Causes of Brittle Nails
Brittle nails are caused by a few different factors. One commonly cited cause of brittle nails is frequent hand washing or water usage. People who clean on a frequent basis will often have brittle nails, unless they take the necessary steps to protect themselves from being susceptible to such a nail condition.

Another cause of brittle nails is rough treatment of hands and nails. Individuals who work with their hands such as in construction, artistry or other forms of manual labor will often have brittle nails. Some due to skin disease such as eczema.
By identifying the true cause of brittle nails, one can be well on their way to resolving the issue and promoting healthy nails.

Rawatan Brittle Nail Dengan Homeopathy

Jangan iarkan Brittle Nail merusakkan kuku anda, sebahagian kecantikan wanita terletak pada kuku yang cantik. Oleh itu rawat segera sebelum terlambat.

Penyakit ini tidak serius dan boleh diubati dengan memakan ubat-ubat homeopati yang sesuai. Antara ubat yang bagus untuk brittle nail dalam homeopathy ialah: Graphite 30c., Silicea., Hepar Sulph., Sulphur., Mezerium., Nat Sulph, Kali Sulph dan lain-lain. Hendaklah diberi mengikut simtomatologi dan undang-undang serasi. Jika diberi dengan dos yang betul, penyakit ini boleh hilang dalam tempuh 3 bulan.

H/Dr Faridah , Pengamal Homeopathy dan Akupunktur di Kuala Lumpur

Untuk keterangan Lanjut, sila layari laman H/Dr Hajjah Faridah

Belia sedia untuk merawat sebarang penyakit-peyakit perempuan/wanita dan kanak-kanak

Foto: H/Dr Faridah at London

Program rawatan Percuma Homeopathic Doctors Without Barrier @ Doktor tanpa batasan

Program Rawatan Semasa Cuti Sekolah

Klinik Homeopathy Nik Omar Menyediakan satu Program Khas yang dikenali sebagai:-

Rawatan Di Musim Cuti Sekolah.

Untuk mendapatkan apa-apa rawatan untuk sebarang penyakit kronik, anda boleh hubungi mana-mana Klinik Homeopathy yang terdekat dengan anda:

  • Di Kuala Lumpur: No.118 jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumnpur. Tel: 03 4042 2020 ( Dekat KFC 24 jam Jln Raja laut dekat korner masuk PWTC / The Mall)
  • Di Bangi: Dekat Masjid sek 9, Dekat Maybank Sek 9 Kedai No.1-9/9C Bandar Baru Bangi.
  • Di Shah Alam - No.29 ting 1, Jalan Peniaga 1/34 ( off Jalan Kerjaya -Glenmarie ) Antara Stadium - Genmarie dekat Kedai Tayar , 7 Eleven, sek U1, Shah Alam. tel 035569 3856
  • Di Kota Bharu: No.11, Jalan dato pati, Kota Bharu. tel: 09 74440440
  • Di Damansara Utama Uptown. No.3 Dekat Balai polis Damansara, PJ Tel; 03 77276413
  • Di ibu Pejabat Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, kelantan. Dr Nik sendiri Tel 0199401915

Info lanjut atau

Sweating @ Berpeluh @ 'Hyperhidrosis'

Body Sweating.

This manifestation of sweating disease (hyperhidrosis) is easier to conceal than other forms, but it gets pretty annoying. Having a wet feeling in general is one of the most irritating things in the world. Sometimes body sweating is associated with other medical conditions such as diabetes or hyperthyroid, so you should see your doctor.

Vaginal sweating.

Obviously, this can only happen in women. It is a common problem, though, as I've received lots of questions about how to treat it. Like body sweating, vaginal sweating disease is easy to conceal, but very annoying.

Localized Sweating.
When you sweat in only one or two of these areas, like say your armpits and palms, your sweat is localized, or concentrated in specific areas. This means that you probably have 'true hyperhidrosis.' These cases typically disappear on their own after a few years.

Generalized Sweating.
This is when you sweat from most or all of the locations above. If you're just sweaty in general, but it's not concentrated in a specific problem area, such as hands, armpit, back etc. it's called generalized. This is an indication that there's a more serious underlying medical cause, like diabetes.

Excessive Sweating In Children
This guide was written for parents dealing with excessive sweating in children and adolescents. It discusses taking your child to the doctor, finding possible physical triggers, and how to make children feel better about sweating.

Hyperhidrosis & Rawatan Homeopathy

Mengikut rekod dari Klinik Homeopathy Dr Nik Omar di Kelantan dan Kuala Lumpur, banyak kes-kes ini telah dirawat dengan jayanya dan ada juga yang gagal disembuhkan.

Biasanya yang berjaya dirawat adalah terdiri dari pesakit-pesakit yang mengikuti jadual rawatan yang berpanjangan kerana rawatan ini memerlukan rawatan hingga 8 bulan atau satu tahun.

Orang-orang yang gagal terdiri dari mereka yang membuat rawatan 3 atau 4 kali dan sesudah itu mereka berhenti rawatan.

Penyakit Hyperhidrosis tidak ada ubat dalam perubatan konvensional melainkan katanya ada yang buat pembedahan membuang saluran peluh ditapak tangan - Walahualam.

Namun dalam perubatan homeopati penyakit ini dirawat melalui ubat-ubatan yang sesuai.

Info lanjut call 013 9314166
Rawatan akupunktur juga boleh dicuba untuk penyakit hyperhidrosis.

Stammering @ Gagap

What do you understand by stammering?

Stammering is "characterised by stoppages and disruptions in fluency which interrupt the smooth flow and timing of speech. These stoppages may take the form of repetitions of sounds, syllables or words, or of prolongations of sounds so that words seem to be stretched out, and can involve silent blocking of the airflow of speech when no sound is heard" (Enderby, 1996).

Speech may sound forced, tense or jerky.
People who stammer may avoid certain words or situations which they know will cause them difficulty.
Some people avoid and substitute words to such an extent that people in their lives may not realise they have a stammer. This is known as "covert stammering".

What causes stammering?

It is not known what causes stammering but research seems to suggest that a combination of factors is involved.
Genetics are relevant at least in some cases. Someone with stammering in the family seems more likely to develop a stammer themselves.
Brain imaging studies have shown significant differences between the brain activity of people stammering as compared with fluent speakers.

How many people does stammering affect?

Under Fives. It is widely accepted that 5% of children under the age of five will go through a phase of stammering at some stage in their speech and language development.Across the whole of Britain that represents around 188,000 pre-school age children. Up to a quarter of these children are at serious risk of developing chronic stammering which may persist into adulthood without intervention during the pre-school years. In the under fives twice as many boys stammer as girls.

School-Age ChildrenFrom research studies it is estimated that 1.2% of all school-age children stammer.In the UK stammering affects approximately 109,000 children between the ages of 5-16 years old.

Adults who stammerFigures on stammering in adulthood show that 1% of the adult population stammers - that's around 459,000 adults in Britain.About 3.5 to 4 men stammer for every woman who stammers.

Stammering does not appear to be increasing or decreasing. Published research studies indicate that these figures are consistent world-wide and that stammering occurs across all cultures and in all social groups.

Gagap Boleh Di Rawat secara Homeopathy dan akupunktur

Jika dirawat secara berterusan dengan homeopathy atau akupunktur, gagap boleh disembuhkan. Saya mempunyai banyak pengalaman merawat kes-kes gagap dengan jayanya melalui rawatan homeopati. Rawatan biasanya memakan masa antara 6 hingga 8 bulan atau lebih.
Adalah lebih baik berubat dari awal, kalau dah sampai dewasa agak sukar dan lambat untuk disembuhkan.

Antara remedi homeopati pilihan: Aconite nap., Cup Met., Staphg., Aurum Met., Ignatia, Kali Phos, Acid Phos dan lain-lain. Pemilihan ubat bergantung pada gejala dan keseraksian.

Untuk dapatkan alamat kami: sila layari

Lymphoma , Alternative treatment

Photo: Acupuncture Students learning Equine Acupuncture at Department of Chinese Medicine [ Acupuncture], The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

If you or someone close have recently been diagnosed as having lymphoma, you may be overwhelmed by emotions ranging from anger to disbelief to fear. It is important to get started and take some ACTION as you work toward recovery.

While your cancer care team (your personal doctors and nurses) is your primary source of information, many people look to the Internet to find additional knowledge and sometimes even peace of mind.

What is Lymphoma

Also called: Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Lymphoma is a cancer of a part of the immune system called the lymphatic system. There are many types of lymphoma. One type is called Hodgkin's disease The rest are called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas begin when a type of white blood cell, called a T cell or B cell, becomes abnormal. The cell divides again and again, making more and more abnormal cells. These abnormal cells can spread to almost any other part of the body. Most of the time, doctors can't determine why a person gets non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma can cause many symptoms, such as ;

Swollen, painless lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or groin
Unexplained weight loss
Soaking night sweats
Coughing, trouble breathing or chest pain
Weakness and tiredness that don't go away
Pain, swelling or a feeling of fullness in the abdomen
Your doctor will perform an exam and lab tests to determine if you have lymphoma.

There are few ways to treat Lymphoma according to conventional treatment:-

Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Biology Therapy,Monoclonal Antibodies,Bone Marrow Transplants and Stem Cell Transplants

Rawatan Homeopathy Untuk Lymphoma

Homeopathy mempunyai kurang lebih dari 150 jenis ubat-ubat yang sesuai diberi untuk lymphoma atau sebarang jenis kanser lainnya. Kita hendaklah memilih remedi yang paling serasi untuk seseorang pesakit.
Jika ubat yang diberi itu tepat dan serasi ia akan memberi kesan positif untuk menyembuhkan namun kita tidak boleh beri 100% jaminan, homeopati hanya sekadar berikhtiar, Allah yang menentukan Penyembuhan bukan kami.

Tetapi kita hendaklah berikhtiar secepat mungkin.

Ubat-Ubat Homeopathy untuk lymphoma dan kanser-kanser lain boleh didapati dalam buku: Cancer, its causes symptoms and treatment by Dr Eli G Jones, M.D. Doktor berkelulusan MD dalam konvensional tetapi telah meninggalkan profesion pembedahan untuk mengamal 100 % perubatan homeopati. Semua ubat homeopati tersebut boleh didapat dari klinik kami di KL, Bangi, Shah Alam Glenmarie, Damansara Uptown atau kelantan. Info lanjut boleh hubungi 03 40422020. atau layari laman

Hijama @ Hijamah @ Cupping For Treatment of Sihr / DJin / Black Magic

Hijama therapy for the treatment of SihrThe jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment exercises done by Usman Baloch from Pakistan.

In the last few months have brought some interesting aspects on the relationship between jinn infliction and mental health problems. To date several people with mental illness/mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression have been tested positive to have jinn-affliction.

A post about some patients VICTIM by sihr BLACK MAGIC (jinn/ witchcraft) who were treated with hijama (cupping and honey therapy) after she was screened for djinn by USMAN Baloch .

Her parents says she was under the influence of witchcraft.“Based on our expertise, wecan confirm that somebodyactually cast the sihir on her,” said by many scholars here in lahore pakistan .- What condition did the patient suffer from, or what symptoms did the patient have?

First patient came to me was a female aged 19 years or 18, a college going girl. Her parent told me that she is too much frightened (khoof). When she came to me, she was sleepless for few nights, when she try to sleep she had nightmares and some time she would see a person with white dress and black face and big horns. She was not alone to see that, even her sisters and few other persons also saw that. Also She felt too much hot in herself (extreme heat in the body) and had loss of appetite.-

How long had the patient suffered with this condition?
She was suffering for one year or more with these symptoms, and even when she came to me she was not in her own home, rather she was at her aunts home for this reason that may be change of place will help but that could not help at all -

What did the treatment involve?
How many cups were applied per treatment and how many treatments were given?
About 9 or 10 cups I used in first treatment, and 3 treatments in total and in that week I did not allow her to go to college or home, she stayed at her uncle's home which was just few minutes walk from my clinic. She was advised to eat a very different diet, and sidr honey was only diet for the first few hours (or more then half of the first day of treatment).

Also I advised her to put two big woollen comble on her even she felt heat in herself but this was part of the treatment.Additionally with all this I read for her verses from the Quran appropiate for this thing and did "dum" on her also.-

What difference did the treatment make to the condition?Just after first treatment she slept like she was given some sleeping pills. She just woke up for prayer in the morning and then slept for another few hours like she slept over half of the day after sleeping the whole night, with no more fear and no more seeing of that ghost.In the next 24 hrs she was not feeling any more heat in herself, and after 3rd treatment in 4 days she was totally normal in sleeping, in eating like proper hunger and eating, and no more thirstyness like abnormal thirst .. and so on. She went back to home after that and so far she is going to college and home all is normal without any problems at all.or visit our website on www.cupping.wspicture gallery added
This article was posted to Dr Nik Omar from Osman Baloch. Mr Oman is one of our student from department of Islamic medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia in 1990

Where to Find Cupping in Malaysia, please visit or

Rawatan Sihir Dengan Bekam.

Sebarang jenis sihir sama ada perbuatan dari Jin atau Syaitan boleh dirawat dengan Bekam. Rencana diatas dihantar oleh Mr Osman baloch dari Pakistan dimana beliau merawat orang yang terkena sihir dengan Bekam dan sembuh.
Kedengaran tidak logik, tetapi kalau diperhatikan dan dikaji dengan halusi, seni dan kaedah bekam ini, ianya adalah 'Sunnah Rasululullah SAW' dimana pernah Rasulullah SAW bersabda, " Bahawa ada 2 kebakian dalam perubatan iaitu minum madu dan berbekam"

Rasulullah SAW sendiri pernah diracun oleh seorang perempuan Yahudi dengan memasukkan racun kedalam gulai. Setelah makan, Rasulullah SAW terasa sakit perut dan hendak muntah, lalu wahyu turun, supaya Rasulullah SAW berbekam dan banginda berbekam, buang darah kotor dari badan dan banginda sembuh.

Itulah mujizatnya bekam.
Bekam yang diamalkan oleh Orang Islam, bukan sebarang bekam, bukan juga bekam China. tetapi Bekam Secara Islam iaitu Bekam Sunnah Rasul - Tibb Al Nabawi. Ingatlah bekam Islam adalah Wahyu Allah Subahawatala kepada Muahmmad SAW. Dan kita melakukan bekam kerana Sunnah Nabi.
Banyak Hikmah dalam bekam Sunnah, hanya Allah sahaja yang mengetahui.

Di Malaysia anda boleh cari bekam di atau

Sakit Urat Belakang, Sakit Urat Saraf

Tahukah anda bahawa rawatan akupunktur adalah salah satu cara yang baik untuk merawat kes-kes sakit urat saraf, sakit belikat, sakit dipaha, dipinggul, terseliuh, tersalah urat dan sebagainya.

Sakit bahu tidak boleh angkat tangan, tidak boleh genggang, jari tangan bengkak, sakit, kebas., carpal tunnel syndrome. semua penyakit ini boleh dirawat secara akupunktur.

Dapatkan Ubat-Ubat Homeopathy Di Klinik Homeopathy Sendiri, Ianya Lebih Murah Dan Selamat

Dr Sommai dari Thailand

Untuk Mendaptkan Ubat-Ubat Homeopathy di Malaysia

Ubat Cergas Minda

Ubat Selusoh

Ubat Lepas Bersalin

Ubat Kuning bayi

Ubat hepatitis A, B atau C

Call 03 4042 2020

019 9444420

Genital Warts

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

In many cases genital warts do not cause any symptoms, but they are sometimes associated with itching, burning, or tenderness. They may result in localized irritation, depending upon their anatomic location. Women who have genital warts inside the vagina may experience bleeding following sexual intercourse or an abnormal vaginal discharge. Rarely, bleeding or urinary obstruction may occur if the wart involves the urethral opening.

How is HPV infection diagnosed?

HPV sometimes can be suspected by changes that appear on a pap smear, since pap smears identify infected abnormal cells that may be precursors to cancer. While HPV infection can lead to precancerous changes in the cervix that are recognized on the pap smear, the pap smear itself cannot definitely establish the diagnosis of HPV infection, unless special testing for the DNA of HPV is carried out on the material obtained from the pap smear. When there is an abnormal pap smear, the doctor often will do advanced testing on the material to determine if, and which kind, of HPV may be present. HPV also can be detected if a biopsy (for example, from a genital wart or from the uterine cervix) is sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Genital Warts boleh dirawat secara homeopathy, antara ubat-ubat homeopathy yang digunakan ialah Thuja, Merc. Cor., Merc Sol., Acon., Rhgus Tox., Mezerium, Sulphur dan lain-lain.
Jika dirawat segera penyakit ini boleh disembuhkan.

Gonnorrhoea - Gonorea - Penyakit STD

Gonorrhea is a curable sexually transmitted infection (STI). It is the second most commonly reported bacterial sex related disease in the USA following chlamydia. During a recent year, 330,000 plus cases of gonorrhea were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When examining race and ethnicity, age, and gender, the highest rates of gonorrhea were found in African Americans, 15 to 24 years of age, and women, respectively.
Gonorrhea can spread into the uterus and fallopian tubes, resulting in a serious medical condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID affects more than 1 million women in this country every year and can cause tubal (ectopic) pregnancy and infertility in as many as 10 percent of infected women. In addition to gonorrhea playing a major role in pelvic inflammatory disease, some health researchers think it adds to the risk of getting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) 'Aids' Infection.

Gonorea - Penyakit kelamin - STD atau VD

Sesiapa saja yang mengadakan hubungan kelamin (seks) dengan pasangan masing-masing yang mengidap gonorea, maka orang itu akan tekena jangkitan kuamn ini. Biasanya si perempuan adalah pembawa yang sihat 'healthy carrier' bila lelaki mengadakan seks dengan perempuan pembawa ini, dia akan kena gonorea dan setreusnya penyakit ini jangkit pula pada isteri melalui suami.

Suami makan ubat dan gonorea sembuh, namun dia akan dijangkiti semula kerana si suami telah pun meyebarkan penyakit ini kepada isterinya dirumah. Si Isteri tidak sedar bahawa 'dia' adalah pembawa baru penyakit gonorea dirumah.

Putaran formula ini berlaku tidak berkesudahan.
Tanda-tanda awal: Kencing sakit, kencing pedih, diikuti demam-deman, beberapa hari kemudian kencing nanah dan seminggu kemudian kencing darah. Jika dibiarkan tanpa rawatan penyakit ini boleh berada dalam darah selama 3 tahun atau lebih.
Jika nasib malang, penyakit yang disangka gonorea ini rupanya HIV.
Rawatan homeopati boleh membantu dalam kes gonorea baik dipihak suami atau isteri.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comment by Dr Shaji V Kudiyat

Dear Dr. Nik Omar and Family,
Thank you for the great hospitality and love shown, which had transformed the 18th AHML International Conference into an unforgetable event of lifetime.
With lots of Love and Gratitude
Sincerely Dr. Shaji V.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who & Who at 18th AHML International Homeopathic Conference, Malaysia 2009

Photos: Top at Belgium 2006
Bottom; at Malaysia 2009


Prof Dr S.M. Singh

This gentleman has come 3time to malaysia to attend the Homeopathic Conference organized by Homeopathy Malaysia.

Dr S M Singh DHMS, BHMS, MD Hom is at present
  • Director: Sri Nath Post Graduate School of Homeopathy, Govt of India, Allahabad, India.

  • Emeritus Proffesor: Organon of Medicine with Homeopathic Philosophy.


  • Central of research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India

  • Board of Studies, University of Nagpur &

  • Devi Ahlya University Indore.

Homeopathic Consultant

  • Ram Krishnan Mission Hospital, allahabad


  • Member of CCH ( Exec & PG Commitee), Ministry of Health, Govt of India

  • Members Institute of Homeopathy ( Kolkata), Govt of India

  • Asst Prof: Gobt LBSH Medical College & Hospital

Visiting professor

  • Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

  • Fr Mullers Post Graduate Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, India

  • Beed PG Homeopathic Medical College

  • Dr V.V Dave PG Homeopathic Medical College, Anand, Gujerat

  • Dr MPK Homeopathic Medical College, Jaipur, India

  • Ahmedabad PG Homeopathic Medical College, Ahmedabad.

  • G D memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Patna

  • D K M M Homeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad.

Chief Editor:

  • Homeopathic PANACEA, PG Buletin

Latest Recipient

  • Fellowship - Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia - FFHom ( Malaysia) on 5th October 2009 at Kuala Lumpur for long lasting outstanding services in homeopathy and mankind. He is one of the strong supporters of Homeopathy in Malaysia. He has presented various scientific papers at malaysian Conference in 2000, 2006 and 2009. He is also one of active members of International Homeopathic Medical League at presented his scientific papers at 63 Liga Congress at Oostense Belgium 2006.

Latest Address:

  • Meena Bazar Civil Line, Allahabad - 211001, India.

18th AHML Congress at Malaysia 3, 4, 5 th Oct 200 - Tea Breaks9

Photo 1. Some of the , 24 Delegates From Bangladesh
Photo 2: Singapore & Malaysian Delegates
3. Indian Delegates
4. India, canda, Australia, Phillipine delegates
5. Some of 12 Pakistan Delegates

Malaysian Delegates at Homeopathic Congress Malaysia 2009

50 Malaysian Homeopathic Doctors taking parts in 18th AHML International Conference On Homeopathy at Genting Highland from 3-5th oct 2009.

18 th AHML & 8 th International Homeopathic Conference Malaysia 2009


30 Scientific Papers were presented at Malaysian Conference
from 3, 4 & 5th oct 2009
On top: Dr Montaka from Thailand, Dr Ali Zailaa from University of Queensland, Australia, Dr Abhay's S Talwalkar, Dr S M Singh India
Dr A K Seth Secretary General AHML
Dr M. nasir Secretary AHML Malaysia
Dr Nik Omar, Chairman ICCHM Malaysia 2009