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Some Problem of Masturbation [ Masalah Mastubasi atau Melacap ]

Hare are some of the problem - Masturbation

Disini beberapa masalah mastubasi atau melacap di Kalangan Remaja

I have the same problem with too much masturbation. I have stopped for short period, about a month, but I always do it again even when I had a girlfriend. I have heard people say that masturbating is healthy, but in my case that does not hold true. It causes so many problems because of my fantasizing. Usually masturbation accompanies fantasizing, I know this, but when you cannot divide fantasy and real life that is hard. Me, for example, I started to search for an ideal partner and ideal sexual experience as I have in my fantasies. If I somehow stop fantasizing about hot models and perfect women, I immediately become less aroused. This might sound like a cruel joke, but I realized what the secret to not masturbating is. Simply try not to think of women in that kind of way. I started with controlling myself again about masturbation, and I hope this might help us

Here some other comment

More recently: I tried to quit for the first time last week. I was extremely unsuccessful. Extreme urges overpowered me. I basically blacked out and woke up with a warm sensation and sticky stuff all over me (not literally... (I was aware the whole time) it just felt like that emotionally). I have masturbated 2x since that.

I am now 100% determined. I burned all my magazines. I deleted all my internet favorites. I have anti-virus software installed on my computer... and I turned on parental controls. Then I proceeded to enter a random password with my eyes closed. I'm thinking about taking the tissues out of my room... then I would have nothing to clean up with. I can only think of one more solution... cold showers.

So basically this is my plan. Yes, I know this was never a serious problem... but unless I can clearly demonstrate 100% control over my body... then (there is no then... it will happen). I'll try to come back on later (maybe a month) and tell you guys how it went. Thank you for allowing me to post here. Also... thank you for all of the information. I can't remember this specific thread, but so far this is a cool website. I might donate to it later.

Female Masturbation hints and techniques for females

Clitoral stimulation gets all the credits as female masturbation technique because it’s the main goal as far as the women concern. Nevertheless every woman knows better for herself and many women out there could get the best out of two worlds.
Sex toys still take the biscuit when it comes to self-indulgence. With their wide range of options, not just to be placed inside the vagina, but also stroke the clitoris, without necessarily going in. There could be sucked on while the fingers would run over the genital area. Apart from dildos, there’re many other cylindrical objects that could be employed by the women for anal and vaginal penetration both. The women are much better off by getting their own gear at the sex shops. Therefore, avoid getting hurt.
Some women would do it with glassware, lemon squeezers, and round-like veggies. That’s not the way to go about it but if one can’t help the feeling, it could help tampering it. Together they can be employed in faking a double penetration, by placing one up the anus while rubbing the other over the vagina or pushing it in. Mind you, there are dildos out in market which were designed with this function in mind still. The female approach isn’t aimed just to the genitals. The whole body can be turned into a pleasure bore, so long as one knows how to do it. Thus, the women can enjoy their breasts, thighs, hair, and mind, so that, they can heighten their pleasure to its peak.
These are the hints so far. However, what really counts, in the case of women, is to let the imaginary take over and thrive on the feeling. Unlikely the men, the women can not be turned on by graphic imagery or plain touch. They require a bit of romance in order to work themselves into it. And it depends on personal taste. There are those who prefer to think of someone from the past, bringing back all those sweet memories, others however would think about people they know, like a peer or fancy, but never got the chance to do them. Some others would prefer their lover had no face, neither name, just being some total stranger and lastly, there are those who fantasize about some famous character.
Women still reading erotica and picturing themselves out in it. But not while reading it, afterwards, with the right frame of mind and the body claiming for pleasure, they can bring it into play.
Masturbation is so singular in the case of females. There are women who don’t mind showing themselves off in front of their mates, while others wouldn’t dare to tell their mates how much they’d enjoy doing it. And not just single women or newcomers would rely on it. Married, engaged, detached but on demand women also do it and a lot. Each one has a way, own timing, own techniques and tendencies.
Yet again, we all have our ways. The first attempts may not be that much, but given time and with the gained self-awareness, every woman can get the hang of it and take it in her own stride.

After Effect of Masturbation
Kesan-Kasan dari Mastubasi yang Melampau

there's nothing wrong with masturbating no matter what age. however, excessive masturbation can cause some problems such as:

Fatigue [ muyuk ]
Feeling tired all the time [ keletihan sepanjang masa ]
lazy [ malas ]
sleepy [ mengantuk ]
Lower back pain [ sakit belakang ]
Stress / Anxiety
Thinning hair / Hair Loss [ rambut gugur atau nipis- boleh jadi botak ]
Soft / Weak Erection [ zakar tidak mahu tegang sempurna ]
Premature Ejaculation [ prematur ejekulasi ]
Eye floaters or fuzzy vision [ pemandangan kabur, pemandagan ber sampah ]
Groin / Testicular Pain [ sakit dibahagian ari-ari ]
Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone [ menyintak dibahagian pelvik atau betis ]
Lost of erection [ hilang ketegangan zakar ]
athropy of penis [ mengecutan oto-otot pada zakar ]

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