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Bersihkan Faraj Anda [ Keep Your Vagina Clean ]

Pastikan Faraj Anda Bersih Untuk Di Gunakan
Oleh Suami Anda.

Jagalah Mahkota Anda.

Female sexual organs rather than cleaning is important. Which of the vagina during sexual intercourse and how to clear roads and many women today still do not know. We will give you some information about vaginal cleansing. To wash the inside of the vagina after sex preferred by many women is one of the ways. Cosmetics or soap to clean the vagina is used.

How clean is your vagina after sex?

Sexual relationship and then washing of the vagina is made for two reasons. The first reason to destroy washed sperm from the vagina, is done this way to prevent pregnancy. The second reason is that if any disease in men, the infection is being done to eliminate the possibility. However, to both wash and eliminate nedenide vagina is not in question. Much faster and more mobile sperm cells.

During İkişki ways to find and go fast. The probability of not becoming pregnant, vaginal wash and rinse with water to civarındadır.Vajinayı only 1 percent of infections caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi do not make disappear. There is no sense in terms of cleanliness and any damage to women. The collapse of the vagina of women doctors in their inability recommended.

Do you wash the vagina with soap?

Vagina clean vagina should not be washed with soap. In the acidic environment of the vagina is an acidic environment, and this soap is quite likely the reversal. Can be cleaned with soap, only the external genitalia. Burning of the vagina in women, such as washing with soap can create problems. Benign bacteria in this region and to defend the body can lead to the disappearance of the elements. So that it can cause serious infections.

Mi is the vagina should be clean?

Flowing out in a normal way, every place in the body is cleaning itself. Vajinanında self-cleaning system includes a free. Always found in the secretions in the vagina to kill the bacteria as for bacteria content of leukocytes and takes into account good-natured.Thus any of the vagina into the cleaning process will not be made even stay clean. Not suitable for the cleaning process to the vagina vagina, do serious damage is visible.

Cosmetic products are used in the vagina Clean it?

Almost all of them are cosmetic chemicals. Allergies to any of these chemicals, which when called vaginitis, or inflammation can cause serious vaginal infections. There is a natural barrier of the vagina and there takes away the natural bacteria bakteleri malignant. A cosmetic product used to clean the vagina natural bacteria that breaks down the media, and infection may be in question. Does not apply to cosmetic products within the vagina.

How to Tell the clean up of the vagina?

A woman without a sexual life of the vagina, the hymen is not necessary to create any problems associated with cleanliness. However, after initiation of sexual life of women on their own if they wish to check the cleanliness of the vagina vaginal odor of the epidemic, an increase in the quantity and color can be understood by looking at the cleanliness. When it comes to certain situations not normally smell a bad odor may occur during the relationship. This is a sign of infection is.

Bahasa Melayu:

Jagalah Kesihatan Faraj anda:

1. Selalu cuci dan bersihkan disekitar luar dan dalam
2. Cucilah dengan air suam dengan dicampur sedikit garam atau daun sireh
3. Bersihkan faraj anda, sekurang-kurangnya dua jam sebelum bersetubuh dengan suami anda.
4. Semburan yang lembut diluar vagina akan meningkat beraninya suami anda

Ingat: Suami Akan Menghindari

1. Faraj yang berbau busuk
2. Faraj yang keluar banyak cairan keputihan atau air jernih
3. Faraj yang berdarah atau kotor.

Kenapa Suami Tidak Ingin Mengadakan Seks Dengan Anda ?

Sebab anda selalu berkelahi dengan suami anda
Ingat perkelahian atau pertengkaran akan mematikan nafsu seks suami anda.

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