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Irritability is an excessive response to stimuli.

Alternative Names


The term "irritability" is used for infants and young children who, when ill, are especially fussy, whiny, and fretful, despite attempts at comforting and soothing them.

Parents are usually very aware of their child's normal behavior and may pick up early changes that the health care provider wouldn't notice. This can help diagnose illness early.

Common Causes

Irritability can be a very early sign of serious problems. Although irritability is not a symptom of any specific illness, it should arouse suspicion in the parent that something might be wrong with the child, even though there may not yet be other symptoms.

Causes of irritability include:

* Alcohol or drug withdrawal state
* Autism spectrum disorders
* Cancer
* Colic in infants
* Congenital infections
* Diabetes or other metabolic disease
* Drug reaction
* Ear infection
* Encephalitis
* Fracture, sprain, or other bone, joint, or tissue injury
* Headache (migraine or other)
* Head trauma
* Hydrocephalus
* Hypoglycemia
* Intestinal obstruction
* Intracranial bleeding or abscess
* Iron deficiency anemia
* Lead poisoning
* Meningitis or other serious infection
* Milk intolerance
* Nutritional deficiencies
* Pinworm
* Psychiatric illnesses
* Sleep disorders
* Tay-Sachs or other genetic disease
* Teething
* Viral infection

Home Care

Attempt to soothe the child with usual measures -- rocking, cuddling, or whatever the child normally finds soothing. If the child cannot be consoled, consult your health care provider.

Gangguan Keperibadian:

Awas, jika didapati anak-anak anda yang terlampau sensitif, cepat marah, cepat merajuk, bila marah suka baling barang-barang rumah, lari dari rumah, ingin bunuh diri, buat perangai tidak senonoh, Awas mungkin anak anda termasuk dalam gulongan 'gangguan keperibadian'
Pada peringat awal rawatan homeopati boleh membantu melegakan keadaan, rawatlah sebelum terlambat.

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