Monday, March 16, 2009

Appreciative Medicine

Appreciative Medicine™, an Extraordinary Approach to Health, Wellness, and Life!
In conventional health care it's difficult to get beyond "illness," because the focus is on a "problem-oriented approach." This model works great in the acute care setting, but for chronic health problems it is limiting. Appreciative Medicine challenges each of us to change our focus from problems, and illness, to health and well-being.

Create Total Health
Appreciative Dialogue is a revolutionary four-step process that guides you to:

1. Develop a vision of optimal well-being, to focus on the positive realm of goodness and health within you.
2. Discover the healing modalities that truly nurture you by harnessing the vital energetic force to create healing. This includes the entire spectrum for healing from conventional approaches to acupuncture, from chiropractic to massage techniques.
3. Find keys to new directions by reflecting upon your accomplishments and clarifying your goals.
4. Actualize your ultimate self. Now that you’re clearly focused on the road ahead, you obtain true insight into who you are and where you want to go.

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