Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Dear Dr Omar,

During the International Homeopathic Congress at Lyon, France during a short talk we had, you told me that you would be interested in sending some MDs of your staffs for an intensive course at our school. I personally would like to take this opportunity to work closer with your faculty.

Dr Cesar Cremomini, Pesident Centro Estudios Medicos, Cardoba, Argentina.

From Saudi Arabia

Dear Prof Nik Omar
On behalf of our group from Saaudi Arabia, I would like to thanks for your works in promoting Acupuncture & Hijamah to all of us. After completing my studies in Malaysia, now we started Acupuncture Clinic right in the centre of Prophet City of Medinah, Saudi Arabia. Thanks for your supports.
Dr Mehmet Kocabas, Medinah, Saudi Arabia


It has been my great pleasure to discover the rapid success which homeopahy and alternative medicines has achieved within Malaysia over last few years. I am sure the the success has been due to the diligence of Dr Nik Omar and his colleagues at FAHOM who has been worked ceaselessly to promote and practice this art of healing..........
Mr Tony Pinkus, Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy, London

I am coming to take Intensive cupuncture Course for one week. I cannot stay longer oeriod as I am working as Skin Specialist at Private clinic , Palestine - Dr Ahamed Ghazal

Confirmed I am coming to take acupuncture course at your academy on 3rd of March till 9 mrach. I am leaving on 10th March by Malaysian Airline from Kota Bharu-Kuala Lumpur- LA. Dr Johnson, USA


Dear Dr Nik Omar & Dr Fairuz
I have now reahc Turkey and work back at my hospital in Angkara. I would like to thanks all your staffs for your help during my stay at our college in Kelantan. Thanks so much to Prof Omar and Prof Fairus for your valuable knowledge in Acupuncture. Let me tell you that, that God, that our RIMC college has been recognised by Turkish Government and now they have accepted my Diploma in Acupuncture from Malaysia.
From: Dr Haluk Cil, Angkara, Turkey.


Dear Mr. Fairuz
I have been to other places to study acupuncture, but I found out that the way to teach us a very simple and very esy to understand. I like your way of teaching. More of y friends from Japan will be coming to your college this year. Please guide them as you did for me.

Dr Takizawa Kunio, Tokyo, Japan


It is gratifying to note that Research Institute of Medical acupuncture has been accepted by our International Acupuncture collegues. This unique and singular honour is the result of Prof Omar, Prof Nik Fairuz and Prof Nasir personal struggels for the last many years. 2 of my friends will be coming next month, please help her.
Sue Allen, Toronto, Canada


I am very happy to study clasical acupuncture at your academy. Thanks for all supports. Miss Willow Firth, NSW, Australia

Sultanate of Oman
When I come to Kelantan, I know nothing about Acupuncture. I am Zero in Acupuncture and now I am a Hero in Acupuncture. Thanks to Prof Nik, Fairuz and Nasir for valuable knowledge, Zakrallah.
Salleh Salim Hamad Al-Mahrougi, Oman

Me and Dr Aung representing International Acupuncturist are very proud to come and study at your college at Pasir Mas, Kelantan. I am coming back to take Master of Acupuncture next year. Dr Joo Suk, South Korea.

Thanks to Prof Omar & Fairuz at RIMAC. I am now practising Acupuncture at Wexford Healing Centre, Killinick, CoWexford, Ireland. Dr David John Hunt.

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