Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Trust Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan

Great Moments in Homeopathic Medical History
The Great Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital.
The Society of Homeopaths, Lahore, Pakistan.

Let be known to all that, the Society of Homeopaths Pakistan is the respectable and responsible body of homeopaths, who propagate the growth of homeopathy in Pakistan. In pursuance of these laudable aims, the society has:-
1. Set up The Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital at Lahore, Pakistan.
2. Open a Charitable Homeopathic Out door hospital at Mohammad Nagar, lahore
3. Held a series of lecturer propagating homeopathy among public.
4. Set up a Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Company, Masood & Company, etc

With Board of Lecturers

Prof. Nik Omar is a Visiting Lecturer to Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College, Lahore.
Prof Khalid Masood ( in white shirt) is the Present Chairman / President of The Trust.

Prof Dr Nik Omar Give best student award to students
group photo with Sri lanka student at Lahore.

The Present Principal: Prof Dr Khalid Masood Qureshi is a lecturer ,a master and a close friend to Dr Nik Omar. Prof Khalid Masood has visited our college The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia more than 5 times and he is one of the leading contributors to the development of homeopathy in Malaysia.
Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Trust Hospital Lahore has produced one of the greatest homeopath in Malaysia, Prof Dr Nik Omar who is the 'Baba of Homeopathy Malaysia' .He is also the founder President of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association, The Vice President of Asian Homeopathic Medical League and also The Vice President of International Homeopathic Medical League -Geneva.
" Dr Nik Omar has written hundreds of articles about his works in alternative medicine in local and international magazines. He has organized more than 30 Congresses and seminars in Malaysia and has attended more than 20 international conference all over the world. He is an active member of international community. He set up a volunteer organization of Homeopathic Doctors Without Barrier who has served all over the world..." says a British correspondent Alison Nadel.
You may read his bio-data at