Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Case of Azoospermia

To Dr Nik Omar

My name is Sincla Aduyyada currently staying in Thailand, I had visited your website
about azoopsermia. My husband and I are planning to have children, so we both went for an internal check up in the hospital in Thailand. The doctor recommended me to do Ultrasound and my husband to check for the sperm count.

As per my result, it was fine my menstrual cycle came normal and the production of eggs are normal as far as the doctor is concern. The problem lies in my husband’s sperm count, it turned out that his sperm count is zero.

So after the first test, the doctor had told my husband to perform the same test again to confirm. After the test that my husband had taken today, the result came out the same, as in the sperm count is still zero.

I had read your article about the Homeopathic Pills I want to know all the side effects and the statistics of the success rate of men who were in the same situation and had taken the pills.If you need any more information, letter and the medical records pls. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Sincla, Thailand.

Answer, Please refer my web and get back to me

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