Thursday, March 5, 2009

Common Diseases in Children

Penyakit Di Kalangan Bayi & Kanak-Kanak

Common Diseases
When a baby is born parents often worry about the common diseases of childhood. There are so many different types of diseases it can be overwhelming for new parents. There are numerous bacterial infections that children are susceptible to. Some of the common diseases caused by bacteria are strep throat, whooping cough and tuberculosis.
Strep throat is caused by the streptococcus bacteria and can be very contagious. Symptoms include a sore throat, headache and fever along with swollen and tender glands along the neck. There can also be a redness of the throat and white patches on the tonsils. A diagnosis is made when a culture is taken from the back of the throat using a cotton swab comes back positive for the streptococcus bacteria.

Most of the medicine give in allopathic are Antibiotics are given to clear up the infections and paracetamol for fever, etc.

How often and how long you are going to give antibiotic to your child.
If such diseases prolong, try to find alternative medicine, homeopathic your next option.

Penyakit Yang Sering Menyerang Bayi dan Kanak-Kanak
Para ibu bapa agak panik bila mendapati anak-anak mereka tidak respon dengan ubat-ubat yang diberikan oleh para doktor. Penyakit bayi atau kanak-kanak masih lagi berterusan, demam, selsema, batuk, kahak dalam halkum, cirit birit, tonsil, muntah-muntah.
Apakah anda harus memberi antibiotik berterusan. Antibiotik jika terlampau banyak akan melemahkan sistem imun anak anda.
Oleh itu jika mana-mana penyakit bayi atau kanak-kanak anda yang melarat dan berpanjangan dan tidak mahu respon dengan mana-mana ubat allopati, bertukarlah ke rawatan homeopati dari sekarang.
Ubat-ubat homeopati yang lembut kebiasaannya mendapat respon yang baik untuk kanak-kanak.

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